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Toxicological requirements and exposure estimation for Plant Protection Products under Regulation 1107/2009 #3

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December 10th | 10:00 GMT | Show in my timezone

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Who should attend & what you will learn

Who should attend

The webinar serves as an introduction for those with limited knowledge of the operator, worker and resident/bystander exposure estimation for plant protection products in the EU. In particular, it is aimed at managers and new recruits in regulatory departments and at scientific/technical staff in any company that manufactures, imports or supplies plant protection products for use in the EU.

To ensure the most effective training with optimal involvement from the attendees, and encourage attendees to ask questions during the training, places are strictly limited to 30 delegates per webinar.

All registrants to the training webinar will receive a copy of all slides and access to a recording of the webinar for your personal review.

What you will learn

During the webinar, you’ll learn the basics of the EFSA guidance on assessment of exposure of operators, workers, residents and bystanders and the associated calculator, including:

·toxicological endpoints and dermal absorption;

· the key parameters and inputs for each of the operators, workers, residents and bystanders;

· the typical output and interpretation;

· the main refinements applicable to each of the operators, workers, residents and bystanders;

· some of the options available for non-standard situations.

Participation in this webinar will ensure that you and your organisation are aware of the latest developments and obligations regarding PPP risk assessments. 


About Catherine Aqleh Alhaddad

This webinar will be delivered by Catherine Aqleh Alhaddad of Kerona Scientific Ltd.

Catherine studied Analytical Chemistry and completed a Masters in Toxicology at Jordan University. She has spent over 12 years working as a toxicology and chemistry consultant for the regulation of plant protection products, biocides and REACH in the EU.

Catherine is now a senior member of the regulatory team of consultants at Kerona Scientific in Ireland, working with clients worldwide.

December 10th
10:00 GMT