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Human Health data requirements and risk assessment under the BPR

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Human Health data requirements and risk assessment under the BPR

Here is what you will learn

The webinar provides a more detailed understanding of the toxicological data required for the regulation of biocidal products, and goes through the background and fundamentals of human health risk assessment under the BPR, including:

– introduction to risk assessment, hazard versus risk

– toxicological data requirements for biocidal products (skin irritation/corrosion, eye irritation, skin sensitisation, respiratory sensitisation, acute toxicity)

– use of CLP classification based on individual components

– dermal absorption

– hazard identification

– hazard characterisation, dose response relationship

– exposure calculation

– case study – worked example of a human health risk assessment for PT18

– sources of guidance

– models available

– primary (direct) versus secondary (indirect) exposure

– exposure paths

– exposure scenarios, combined scenarios

– risk characterisation

– tiered approach to risk assessment

– considerations for biocidal product families

Other information:

Webinar duration: Approximately one hour, allowing time for questions and answers at the end of the training session

To ensure the most effective training with optimal involvement from the attendees, and encourage attendees to ask questions during the training, places are strictly limited to 30 delegates per webinar.

All registrants to the training webinar will receive a copy of all slides and access to a recording of the webinar for your personal review.


Dr. Irene McGrath

Irene studied Analytical Science at Dublin City University before completing a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

She has spent over 26 years managing Regulatory Departments and working as a consultant for the regulation of plant protection products, biocides, plant biostimulants and fertilisers in the EU.

Irene manages the regulatory team of consultants at Kerona Scientific in Ireland, working with clients worldwide.


Catherine Alhaddad

Catherine studied Analytical Chemistry and completed a Masters in Toxicology at Jordan University and has worked for over 12 years as a toxicology and chemistry consultant for the regulation of plant protection products, biocides and REACH in the EU and Middle East.

Catherine is an expert in human health risk assessment, toxicology, classification and labelling and chemistry requirements for active substances and products, preparing many technical equivalence applications over the years. 

November 28th
11:15 GMT